Who We Are

Talosmoon was conceptualized with the intention to serve a greater purpose beyond personal gain.

Our Story

One of the roles I am most proud of in my life is that of being an Uncle. I have had the precious opportunity to watch my nieces and nephews develop into amazingly active humans. My siblings, like me, are committed to making healthy and active choices, like my parents were on our behalf when we were children. I realize that those choices don’t always come by taking the easy or affordable path.

Our Story

Growing up I witnessed the challenges my parents faced when trying to stick to a healthy routine. Money became tight, access to resources weren’t always readily available, and taking care of 4 kids had its obstacles. In today’s world it is difficult to keep up with the trends, the ever-changing views on health and wellness. Access to tools, resources and in some cases, healthy, affordable food is not equal. We can be distracted trying to maintain balance in our personal and professional lives and it can be challenging to provide healthy choices for children.

Our Story

Observing my siblings’ parenthood journey and being aware of the disparity that exists in our communities, has given me perspective and desire to pursue a business that will enable me to give back to an organization that shares the same beliefs, principles, and motivation to provide tools and resources to families, schools and or educational institutions.


Our mission is to promote an active lifestyle by offering comfortable, high-quality fitness clothes to break those lifelong habits and shape a generation. We will donate 10% of each sale to causes that match our vision. Talosmoon will help support a movement that enables parents and families to live healthy lives.





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Operations Officer
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