Meet The Team

Meet The Team


Keith comes from a background in digital marketing, business management, fitness, and loves to get his groove on playing the guitar for all those who are willing to listen. He’s always jumping at the opportunity to visit his nieces and nephews, close and far away.  You might find him exploring other countries, learning the culture and soaking up the beauty the areas have to offer. “One Life, One Journey” is a motto he lives by, and if it were up to him, there would be a mural glorifying it in the office. As the Founder, he motivates team moral and focuses’ his energy to grow and expand the company.

Favorite way to stay active:  running, lifting weights and he may dabble in the lighter side of crossfit


Jessica comes from a background in home design, event management and basically, all things creative.  She can usually be found chasing around her two young sons or re-watching The Office for the umpteenth time. As the Chief Creative Officer, she leads the team in the women’s line product development and outreach efforts.

Favorite way to stay active:  running (preferably near a beach or in a RunDisney race!)


Anthony comes from a background in sales and customer service.  He loves spending time with his boys and loves a good race day!  As Chief Experience Officer, he manages outgoing product and perfecting men’s line items.

Favorite way to stay active: Lifting weights and running


Shawn comes from a background in accounting operations and financial services. Loves spending time with his family and traveling with them. Running outdoors is something he enjoys and is passionate about. He believes in an active lifestyle which keeps him motivated and energized.

Favorite way to stay active:  running, lifting weights, boxing and peloton classes